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Here’s my Campaign YouTube Ad of the Week review. Appearing next week. I’ve not followed their structure too well (with their permission) 🙂 NewNow Campaign Why I like it I don’t. I’ve been transported back to 1999 when we could get away with cumbersome, impossible to navigate Flash sites and ‘experiences’ we naively forced […]

Commercials are generally disliked. They interrupt people’s fun. They flagrantly copy ideas from popular culture and rarely build on them. In general people don’t thank us for the contribution we make to their lives. Despite being faced with these challenges, Honda USA thought that teasing people with the prospect of a sequel to the adored […]

I received the below email (again) today entitled ‘Oracle has genuinely changed the game – Fusion CRM’ . I think a few people at glue Isobar have. So I thought I’d reply with this — Dear Karl If you had genuinely changed the game of CRM you would know: We’re not one of your top […]

Below is my talk in summary and the slides. There were some excellent builds on the ideas, which I will write about shortly. Thanks to everyone who added ideas in the ‘unconference’ discussion and pub afterwards. So many good ideas. So much to explore!   An Emerging Agency OS What’s broke? -Our focus: Outcomes have […]

A planning perspective on Future Foundation’s ‘The Future of Insight’ conference: implications for planning, in client businesses and in agencies. I presented this article at the above conference as a prezi, which really doesn’t work without the voice-over! So here’s the full contents. For those who were there, you saw me bitch about the lack […]

Below follows a review of Richard Watson’s ‘Future Minds: How The Digital Age is Changing Our Minds, Why This Matters and What We Can Do About It’ that appeared in Admap Magazine Jan 2011 edition ‘Speed Read’ section. The irony of speed reading and surmising a book espousing the benefits of slower thinking and living […]

Simple ideas and a natural evolution from the obsession with everything virtual. I’ll collect on/offline examples here. The iPad example below isn’t technically social,  but it could be with a couple of tweaks. Rather than just an expensive remote control as in this example, the iPad has a lovely tactic potential of using its 3G […]

This essay was published in the Campaign supplement ‘What’s Next in Digital‘, June 2010. Summary: This essay proposes that the next big effects of the internet on business and society will be in the structures of organisations. Whilst consumers have embraced new ways to buy, talks find and share, organisations have, structurally, failed to profit […]

Film for NZ Book Council/Produced by Colenso BBDO/Animated by Andersen M Studio What struck me about this piece is its natural drama. The subject matter is drama and then they unashamedly beef it up. We often find insights based on conflict (the heart of drama) and then we skirt around them fearing offense (in case […]

I tweeted like an idiot yesterday at Battle of Big Thinking, the APG event. I was trying to record the ideas that had salience as they were delivered. There’s a great collection of people’s opinions on twitter here. Looking back there were nice nuggets. But what do I remember from the event the day after, […]