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A nice ad, based on a nice insight, for a nice new product…   Then…. someone thought it was a good idea to involve people further…                 Which obviously led to this   The agency said don’t worry, it’s aimed at girls, the risks are low, we’ll get […]

A version of this article appeared in the January 2012 Admap magazine Planning is just guessing. We have hunches. We need to test them. No-one really knows.  “Almost anything we do in the world is an interaction with an almost impossibly complex economy we’ve created around ourselves.” So said Economist and author Tim Harford at the […]

Simple ideas and a natural evolution from the obsession with everything virtual. I’ll collect on/offline examples here. The iPad example below isn’t technically social,  but it could be with a couple of tweaks. Rather than just an expensive remote control as in this example, the iPad has a lovely tactic potential of using its 3G […]

This presentation looks at the impact on memory of involvement, in particular  online  involvement with businesses. It goes through approaches for how to harness open business tactics to build brand/product/service recommendation.

…But how many of us follow them up, or even profit from them. We’ve been sharing wiki ideas for innovation for ages now, but this software makes it simpler to bring open idea sharing to life. Good on those Norwegians. “The software lets users support other’s ideas by purchasing shares in them. With the incentive […]