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A nice ad, based on a nice insight, for a nice new product…   Then…. someone thought it was a good idea to involve people further…                 Which obviously led to this   The agency said don’t worry, it’s aimed at girls, the risks are low, we’ll get […]

A planning perspective on Future Foundation’s ‘The Future of Insight’ conference: implications for planning, in client businesses and in agencies. I presented this article at the above conference as a prezi, which really doesn’t work without the voice-over! So here’s the full contents. For those who were there, you saw me bitch about the lack […]

This presentation looks at the impact on memory of involvement, in particular  online  involvement with businesses. It goes through approaches for how to harness open business tactics to build brand/product/service recommendation.

In this ten minute video, Rory Sutherland explains why he is championing behavioural economics as President of the IPA. “We need to broaden the definition of what we do to reflect the new reality of the market place because if we don’t create a new model based on human understanding, then we are in danger […]