A quick thought on digital Luxury marketing


Here’s my Campaign YouTube Ad of the Week review. Appearing next week.

I’ve not followed their structure too well (with their permission) 🙂

NewNow Campaign

Why I like it

I don’t.

I’ve been transported back to 1999 when we could get away with cumbersome, impossible to navigate Flash sites and ‘experiences’ we naively forced hapless users through.

While I admire the ambition and artistry LV have tried to display, the result feels ten years out of date, pompous and irrelevant. The NewNow film is vacuous and uncomfortable in a web format; the youtube comments reflect this. The site is choked with random ‘luxury’ content, tiny thumbnails, weird cul-de-sacs and an irritating cube navigation. The temporary mobile site benefits from being mercifully limited in content (just the stunning catwalk show films, rather than ‘we curate the web for you’ content efforts)

I wish I’d thought of

Burberry’s strategy.

Compare/contrast. Burberry is a delight on mobile, is clever on its .com, is open and welcoming, yet amazingly stylish and beautiful to behold.

Christopher Bailey is connected and inventive, embracing new customers and transforming his brand. Connected business as it should be.

Don’t take my word for it. 

Ask Alexa:









Incidentally, LVMH‘s digital attempts are not limited to Louis Vuitton.

It’s Nowness.com initiative is interesting.

In it’s own words:

NOWNESS previews the latest in fashion, art, cinema, entertainment, culture, music, gastronomy, design, travel, and the world of luxury.

It’s a bit more useful, certainly is more open and has content that jumps from the page, rather than looking embarrassed to be there. I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops.


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