My ‘relationship’ with the Oracle ‘Fusion CRM’ sales team


I received the below email (again) today entitled ‘Oracle has genuinely changed the game – Fusion CRM’ . I think a few people at glue Isobar have.

So I thought I’d reply with this

Dear Karl

If you had genuinely changed the game of CRM you would know:

  1. We’re not one of your top clients. We’re not even one of your bottom clients.
  2. The ‘best CRM on the market’ shouldn’t have to spam people to get their attention. V dumb.
  3. Long copy sells and your copy is so short full of meaningless that I can’t see any benefits of your what you’re trying to sell
  5. Hyperbole (especially in B2B marketing) leads to distrust and frustration from busy managers
  6. There’s no easy Unsubscribe link which pushes right up against EU privacy laws
  7. I’ve already been spammed by one of your colleagues and asked for no further contact

Good start Oracle. Smart CRM.
Consider these failings blogged about.

Then Karl called me. He said thanks for the points. Because he agreed. And now he has useful evidence to show his managers.

His job is a tough one after all. And we all know there’s little differentiation for a new email dispatch product in a mature market. So good luck Karl. Hope Oracle learn how to do CRM.

How not to do it


2 Responses to “My ‘relationship’ with the Oracle ‘Fusion CRM’ sales team”

  1. I definitely agree with your points and think their CRM is on the exhausting end of the spectrum, but your #3 is actually smart for them. The long copy scares off many and shortening the copy, along with adding interactive, helps engage the reader and make them more interested, or at least curious. Thus, the curiosity leads them to click on those videos in the bottom third. On the other hand, I can see how those seem to promote poor time efficiency with an exchange for better recall (if they get that far). Overall, I back your response.

    • 2 Martin Bailie

      It’s tricky isn’t it? At the end of the day you I believe in marketing as a service to users whereby the marketing answers the questions it poses. And does so efficiently. Especially in an informative channel like email. Thanks for your comments.

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