A drama+selling conundrum


Vodpod videos no longer available.
Film for NZ Book Council/Produced by Colenso BBDO/Animated by Andersen M Studio

What struck me about this piece is its natural drama.

The subject matter is drama and then they unashamedly beef it up.

We often find insights based on conflict (the heart of drama) and then we skirt around them fearing offense (in case we put anyone off the campaign or ad, rather than making people love it even more).

If we seek entertainment and joy in the things we consume, why would we be attracted to overly sanitized ads? If drama excites us (books, film, gossip, sport, politics), why do marketers work so hard to avoid it? Are we just too timid?

It seems such as shame that all these talented creative people (who’d rather be in the arts but can’t get paid for it), are prohibited from using their natural sense of drama to promote products in a way people will take notice of by client organisations built to omit drama from their every day lives.

Sports brands do drama pretty well, but not brilliantly. Why aren’t there sports brands creating feature films or theatrical events? They’d argue the drama is in the sport of course, but I’m not sure that should get them off the hook. Timidity again?

This wonderful image by Kim and Tony at W+K is probably the best example of pure drama expressed in the category.

Straw poll:

What was the last ad you were moved by?

What was the last marketing experience that gave you goose bumps?

If you can remember one, then you can be sure the brand tracking was healthy.


One Response to “A drama+selling conundrum”

  1. Totally agree and wonder if it is more than the drama we seek – perhaps it is natural, first-thought, human reaction?

    With social networking, we have access to a broad view of reactions to real-time happenings and I find it reinforces the huge difference between representation and interpretation.

    I want truth – and if drama is the truth of it… just do it šŸ™‚

    Tina Louise

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