Two crowd sourced, crowd sourcing lists


Crowdsourced experiments have popped up in every corner of business. With their market-changing impact, crowd created/inspired/funded/delivered innovations cannot be ignored. And now, finally, the ad industry has been rattled. Victor and Spoils, IdeaBounty, Unilever…what next?

Thanks to Amelia for kicking off the argument with a aplomb:

Maybe it just troubles me as the logical conclusion of an initiative like this is that you don’t need agencies anymore, you simply crowdsource the creative ideas cheaply and then partner with production houses. Maybe that is a good thing – over-paid, over-precious, over-protective are all allegations that can be thrown at some advertising agencies. But I hope they’re not allegations that are true for all agencies. I hope that some a proper creative and business partners to their clients.

Is there an in between place?

Enter a new agency model. Victors & Spoils {that’s us}. We feel like an ad agency. But we work like a crowdsourcing platform. At the core of our agency is our creative department. A creative department made of everyone from art directors and copywriters to strategists and producers who come together to solve strategic problems. A global digital community that will not only be rewarded for the solutions they develop (both individually and as a group) but also for participating in the community itself.

Which all leads pretty nicely to our name. It’s “Victors,” plural, because we never reward just one winner. And we always have multiple ways to win. So not only do our monetary “Spoils” always go beyond first place {we award for 2nd, 3rd, etc}, we also reward for participation. All of which will build each creative’s V&S Reputation Score ~ which will help determine a share of the revenue for each project. It’s a model we’re building every day. And it’s a model we believe in. One that combines the best of what a creative agency can do and the best of what crowdsourcing can offer to arrive at solutions for your brand that are strategic, forward thinking and most importantly, effective. Let’s work together.

Here’s a list of some high profile campaigns and also some business innovations. Send me yours and I’ll keep adding to it.

Do they work? Is the creative good enough? Do they increase sales? Make up your own mind. Personally, most of the ‘creative’ ideas, except the nice Kriss ad above still appear forgettable.

The important point about Walkers, Netflix and the Dr Martens competition is that they are both isn’t what people would call ‘advertising’, rather crowdsourcing R&D ideas with plenty of talkability. I’ve put them in the campaign list below, but they probably live in the ‘business changing’ list. Perhaps this suggests a better way for marketing to go?

The ‘marketing campaign’ list


Vodpod videos no longer available.



A defunct TBWA london project? Why let this go TBWA? Did SingStar buy the ideas? Comments on the 2006 project.


Dr Martens


Converse Gallery (now no longer available at – amazingly. So foolish.)

The PR about Peperami

“We believe Peperami is a brand that deserves radical creative solutions and are confident taking our brief out to thousands rather than a small team of creatives will provide us with the best possible idea and take our advertising to the next level,” said the Peperami marketing manager, Noam Buchalter


Instead of musicians creating art, Becks extended the idea to artists creating art about music they loved. The 100 best albums of recent decades were listed, artists were commissioned and they chose an album to inspire them

Then the rest of the list was opened out to the public

A full US list: 300 more
300 Case Studies of Social Media Marketing

The ‘business changing’  list:

Perhaps more interestingly, and playing into Walkers/Netflix’s hands, is the crowd at the heart of the enterprise.

Wikinomics’ blog has a good post about building success into business ‘platforms’. Openness, vision, a learning model with great analytics and a ‘vibrant ecosystem’ are quoted as essential elements. Do an audit of your clients. Who has these in any healthy measure? Here’s two relating directly to the crowd.

Transparency — Transparency fosters beneficial contagion and excitement among the ecosystem members and interested parties.  An examination of any successful business platform reveals alternative futures.  Alternative future means options.  Options can be valued and hence the investment community can estimate the expected value of such potential futures and model a resulting perpetuity calculation.  Transparency attracts new partners and helps existing ecosystem partners to co-create the future of business platform.  As momentum builds, transparency also strikes fear in the competitors.

Open technology architecture – Open architectures provide the basis for future options and business platform extensibility.  Open means that other technological standards can interface with the business platform, even technologies that have yet to be invented.  Remember, business value is ultimately determined by the market’s assessment of future viability and the promise of future value.  If the business platform is based only on a few proprietary or close technology architectures, future business options will be limited.

A few good general lists on the subject

And good list of crowdsourced acitivity can be found on the *ahem* crowdsourced Wikipedia.

Made by Many’s wiki on the subject.

P2P foundation‘s take with lots of examples.

Open source principles applied to business covered in this blog.

A Swarm of Angels film project. Up to date info on twitter.

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