Another example of emotion over reason… from the Obama campaign.


It’s well proven that we lead utterly emotionally driven lives. The ‘Love’ bit of my blog title.

Our behavioural heuristics point to our driving desire to, for example, NOT act when faced with clear rational benefits to act. We fear change, love the status quo, seek similarities and patterns when they don’t actually exist, abhor chaos and are blindly led by each other’s irrational exuberance. It’s our theoretically ‘better’ instincts that drive us most profoundly.

In the face of this irrationality, we still ask others in research to tell us what they will do at some time in the future.

Like voting. Most people, it would appear, just like a pretty face and an honest disposition. But we’re compelled to tell researchers we’d only vote for experience and patriotism when it’s obvious to anyone with any hint of life experience that a public’s desperation for a leader that they like taps a far more instinctive and generally more shallow veign. Humans like liking.

Obama has been turned into a sex symbol.
“By ’07 even the boys were Obama Girls, and their parents were borne along on the energy, feeling young and hip and a little damp in the drawers themselves. “America is back!” Obama told crowds he would announce to the world if they elected him. Hillary and the others didn’t have a chance.”

While we voted for Boris as London mayor because, essentially, he’s an entertaining fool and Ken was too worthy.

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