So here’s the challenge. Everyone has great ideas in the day to day work.


...But how many of us follow them up, or even profit from them.

We’ve been sharing wiki ideas for innovation for ages now, but this software makes it simpler to bring open idea sharing to life. Good on those Norwegians.

“The software lets users support other’s ideas by purchasing shares in them. With the incentive of earning ‘money’, the idea is that employees will more carefully and thoughtfully offer their contributions. Employers can quickly identify favoured ideas by seeing which are being traded and which have the highest stock value. Besides ad hoc submissions to an ‘idea bank’, Idea Exchange also makes it easy for companies to run competitions to motivate people, and to focus their participation on specific topics or goals.” c/o Springwise

Another idea comes from All about everyone blog: “What if we were able to get people outside of the agency involved in coming up with ideas? Imagine if you could leverage 100% of your intellectual resources at the point you could do with it, rather than relying upon 5%.

1. Pitch brief comes in from client

2. Pitch brief is sent out to an ‘idea feed’

3. Feed participants (employee or not – selected by interest/expertise) are notified (email/sms/im/etc)

4. Participants given time to think (quite an important bit)

5. Participants send ideas (any digital media) back to feed

6. (clever bit) Feed allows users to filter, search and group by meta information (tags, categories, etc)

7. Idea feed utilised in a brainstorm meeting”


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